This place is AWESOME!

This place is AWESOME!! I can’t speak enough about this company’s integrity and business ethics. I went to get a new battery at the O’Reilly’s! While I was sitting in my idling car, what I thought was smoke, started billowing out of my engine. I walked over to the service station directly behind O’Reilly’s (Town Center Service Station) and asked the guy if he could take a look. Don introduced himself as the owner, and said he would take a quick look at my minivan. After diagnosing the problem, he said it wasn’t smoke, but it was freon! He quickly put my minivan on a lift and fixed the problem. He tested my battery and said it was totally fine and that the problem he fixed will also fix the problem I had with the car needing ‘jumped’ every morning. He could’ve charged me whatever, but he insisted on a handshake. Everyone always says that finding a good mechanic is always tough to find….you can thank me now. Trustworthy, kind, genuine, good people over there. It makes me feel good to know there are still good (not corporate) mechanics out there, that are working on commission!! Thanks Don, I’ll see you on my next repair!