Charging Systems

Charging System RepairHere at Town Center Auto, we know everything there is to know about your cars charging system!  By making sure your car is charging properly can mean the difference in whether your stranded! Don’t let something as simple as your car’s charging system strand you!

What does it mean when the Charging System light comes on in the dash?

Your dash is information central – gauges and warning lights provide you with a great deal of important information. If your Charging System light comes on (it looks like a little battery), it means there’s something wrong. It should come on and then go off immediately after cranking the engine.

Follow these brief Tips:

  • Turn off all of your accessories (radio, air conditioner, etc.). Do not use any electrical components (power windows).
  • Do not turn off the engine.
  • Have your charging system tested immediately (this should test both the battery and the alternator, as both can cause this problem).

Be careful how far you drive if the Charging System light is on. If the battery is dead, the alternator should supply enough power for the engine, but if the alternator has failed, you can only drive as long as the charge in the battery lasts.

  • Dead battery
  • Dim lights.
  • Flickering gauges.

Charging System RepairAny one of these symptoms can be a sign of a weak charging system. Your charging system is responsible for restoring the charge to your car battery after use and is tasked with providing power to your lights, audio system, and other electronics while your vehicle is running. Without your charging system in proper working order, you’ll eventually find yourself stranded…without lights…and without good tunes.